Last January 4, 2017, my wife Myleen and son Gideon renewed their passports in DFA Pampanga located at Robinsons Mall, San Fernando, Pampanga. We arrived there around 830 AM but people are not that so many maybe because it is after a long holiday.

We waited outside the mall because the opening hour is 10AM. Good thing, you can buy some food in the nearby convenience store and there are many food kiosks around if you haven’t eat breakfast yet.

Their appointment time is 10-11AM so wee need to be there before that time. The processing time of application is fast compared before when we applied for a new passport. Maybe there’s some upgrade in their system and procedures. Overall, our experience was good. No hassles.

One suggestion.

Bring an ID (aside from your old passport) like SSS, GSIS, Driver’s license, School ID, postal ID etc.

If you are applying for the renewal of your Philippine passport, you have to remember that you need to make an appointment first. You can do this by applying online at the following DFA links:

Make sure you make appointment few months before your desired date if you are an OFW going back to Philippines for vacation. For example, if you want to renew your passport in April, set an appointment by January or February because most of the time many people already booked the date and it will not be available anymore.

Old Type of Passport

It is better to reserve the date ahead of the time. Allow 2-3 months so that you can choose your preferred date during your vacation in the Philippines.

If you want to look for the place where can you apply for renewal of your passport, you may visit the link below to search for the place in your area.

The requirements during renewal of passport are:

  1. Personal appearance of the applicant including minors and senior citizens
  2. Confirmed appointment and accomplished application form -printed out
  3. Old Passport
  4. At least one identification card (SSS, GSIS, Driver’s license, Postal ID, School ID etc)
  5. Renewal fee

New Passport

For the complete requirements of passport renewal, you can also visit this link from DFA Philippines to learn more:

The renewal fee depends on the type of application you want. The regular processing takes around 4 weeks while the express processing finishes for 2 weeks. The fee are as follows:

Regular processing – P950 – passport to be released in 20 working days

Rush processing – P1200 – passport to be released in 10 working days

If you are an OFW, you can renew your passport even though you have no appointment. You only need to show that your flight return back to your work country is near. You can show your return ticket so that you will be entertained in the DFA office you are going.

Sample receipt of the passport renewal and the releasing date form can be seen below:

I hope this article helps you. Do you have any questions regarding renewal of passports? Are there any difficulties you are encountering right now about your passport renewal?


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