In modern household today, computer is a necessity because of its valuable contributions to our everyday activities. It is used to do our jobs more fast and efficient.

Like many of our household appliances, it can be damaged and broken because of wear and tear and also of poor maintenance. However, we can prolong its lifetime if we can do some cleaning and maintenance works.

One simple thing to do this.

You can do a regular disk clean up of your laptop or personal computers so that it can run faster and remove of unwanted files in your disk. You can use the Disk Cleanup automatically installed with your Windows operating system (OS).

You can see it when you click the START tab of your Windows OS normally located at the left bottom most part of you screen monitor.



Then follow the procedure below:

Program –> Accessories –> System Tools —> Disk Cleanup

After clicking Disk Cleanup, a window will appear and then select the drive you want to do the cleaning.






You need to tick all in the box so that all will be deleted from your computer. After clicking OK, new window will appear asking you to permanently delete all files. Do this regularly then you will notice a faster computer and better performance of your computer.

Do you know other ways on how to take care of your laptop, PC, mobile phone or tablet?


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