Metrobank SWIFT Code

by Gil on May 18, 2017

SWIFT code is a unique identifer of a bank. It is commonly used during telegraphic transfer or when doing remittance from a certain bank to your own local bank.

All banks in the Philippines and other countries have its own SWIFT code so that it will be easier to transfer  money from one to another. If you are sending money to the Philippines from your current place of work, you will be required to input the SWIFT code of the bank you will send the remittance.


In case of Metrobank (Philippines), the SWIFT code is:



In common procedure, when sending remittance to the Philippines through wire transfer, you need to visit a foreign bank in your place of work. Additionally, your beneficiary must have a Metrobank account where you will remit the money.

This Metrobank account should be still active and not a dormant one to be able to complete the transaction. Make sure that it is still active to avoid any problem.

When you go to the bank, you need to fill out a wire or telegraphic transfer form. In there, you will be required to write the name and address of your beneficiary, his or her bank’s name and address of the bank, his or her account name and account number, the SWIFT code and the amount you will send.

Wire transfer is one of the safest way to remit money to the Philippines. It also offers lowest remittance fee compared to Western Union and other money transfer companies.


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