BDO Dollar Savings Account Interest Rates

Banco de Oro is a major commercial banks in the Philippines providing different products and services to its customers. It has plenty of products for the customers’ banking needs.

BDO is offering savings account, checking account, investment products like UITF, loan application, credit cards, corporate banking and many more. If you are interested to open a savings account in them particularly, BDO dollar savings account, you may need to know the interest rate that you can get from them.

The table below shows the minimum balance and the BDO interest rate of dollar savings account they are giving to their clients. You can compare this data to other banks so you can get a better rates for the money you put in the savings account.

Product Name Minimum Balance to Accrue Interest Interest Rate
Dollar Savings Account $ 500.00 0.2500%
Club 60 Dollar $ 500.00 $ 500 to $ 1,999
$ 2,000 and over
Kabayan Dollar Savings Acccount $ 200.00 0.2500%


If you notice the highest rate you can get from BDO dollar account is just 0.375%. It is lower compared to the interest rate given to Peso savings account which is around 0.5%.

3 thoughts on “BDO Dollar Savings Account Interest Rates

  1. Sir or Mam:
    Would like information on which DBO account to open up?
    Would open a account with US $5,000.00 dollar. Would have retirement check deposited at beginning of each month.
    My wife is Filipina, own a home, suv already.
    Would like a dollar account, than change to ATM peso account for withdrawing. I know I am asking alot of questions just trying to get the best type of account that we would use in the Philippines.

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