BDO Internet Banking Review and How to Apply

Occasionally, I’m doing banking products review based on the things I experienced with the product and feed backs I got from the comments I’m receiving from this blog and the other blogs I own.

In this post, I would like to make a review about BDO Internet banking and the procedures you can follow on how to apply. Read on if you want to learn more.

Benefits of BDO Internet Banking

Banco de Oro is the largest bank in the Philippines in terms of number of branches and assets. It is a recipient of several local and international awards for its excellent banking services.

BDO has various services and products for its customers such as deposit accounts, credit cards, investments, checking account, prepaid cards, and a lot more. If you want to open a BDO savings account, you can click here to see the article that I made to give you information on how to open a new savings account at Banco de Oro Philippines.

If you’re wondering what benefits you can get from BDO Internet banking, here are few of the perks you can receive.

1. Access your account online

Viewing and checking your balance or transaction is a lot easier when you can do it online by logging in to your Internet banking account. You don’t need to visit the branch or ATM just to check your account balance because you can do it online.

2. Pay bills

The ability to pay bills is one of the best benefits you can get from your BDO online banking account. You don’t need to go to the payment centers just to pay bills since you can pay it online. Some of the bills that you can pay with your online banking is MERALCO bill, credit card, insurance, tuition fee of some selected schools, and many more.

3. Free Statement of account

With your Internet banking, you can conveniently see and check your online statement of account and the past transactions you have made. There’s no need for a paper statement of account in the mail, you can just print it whenever you want by accessing it to your Internet banking account.

4. Buy investments online

Investing in unit investment trust fund or UITF, mutual funds or insurance can be done easily once you have Internet banking. Even if you are located outside the Philippines, you can still invests in the Philippines and use the money you have so it will make more money for you.

5. Apply for loan through the Internet

Another feature of BDO web banking is you can apply for a loan without going to your branch. Just log in to your account and look for the loan application tab inside your account.

How to Apply for BDO Online Banking

If you already have a BDO account and you don’t have Internet banking yet, you can enroll it so you can receive the several benefits mentioned above. However, if you still don’t have your own BDO savings account, you can check this post to learn more how to open a new account.

There are two ways on how to apply for BDO Internet. First, you can do it through online application by visiting and then click the enroll tab for online banking. Follow the procedures indicated on the messages appearing on each step.

Another method on how to enroll is by visiting your branch. In case you don’t have yet a BDO savings account, my suggestion is to enroll it to their web banking at the same time you open a new account.

You may need to fill out several forms when enrolling to your branch so you should bring a valid ID to be sure you can finish the application. But I know it is not needed since you already have an account at your branch, only to be sure.

Banco de Oro is providing Internet banking for its customers to give them a convenient access to their bank account even if they are in their houses or office. The enrollment process is not difficult to do and you may do it through going to your branch or even via the Internet.


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