BDO Peso Time Deposit Interest Rates

Banco de Oro Philippines or popularly known as BDO is the largest bank in the Philippines according to the latest study of The Asian Banker. It has many branches and/or offices spread all around the country making it one of the most accessible banks in the Philippines.

BDO can also be found in every SM Malls having a longer banking hours compared with other Philippine banks. The most common banking products of BDO are saving account, checking account, credit cards, time deposit, loans, investment funds, UITF, remittance services, rewards card, and many more.

BDO Time Deposit Interest Rates

BDO has time deposit service for customers who want to invest their money apart from saving account. Time deposit is like a special savings account that has higher interest given by the bank. The interest rate that will be paid depends on the term or duration of time deposit. Usually, the longer the term, the higher the interest rates that will be paid.

If you want to invest in BDO time deposit, it would be better if you have already a savings account that you can use. Normally, banks would require a depositor to open or have first a BDO savings account before allowing customers to make investments in time deposit. It would be a wise move if you already know the interest rates for a certain time deposit before you actually put your money in it.

In the table below, you can see the list of interest rates for BDO time deposit in each term or period. This information is the published rate from BDO’s website as of December 28, 2011. If you want to know the latest rates they are giving, you should visit their site.

Regular Peso Time Deposit

30 Days

60 Days

90 Days

180 Days

360 Days

1,000 to below 10,000 1.500% 1.500% 1.875% 2.000% 2.000%
10,000 to below 50,000 1.625% 1.625% 2.000% 2.125% 2.125%
50,000 to below 100,000 1.875% 1.875% 2.125% 2.250% 2.250%
100,000 to below 200,000 2.000% 2.000% 2.250% 2.375% 2.375%
200,000 to below 500,000 2.000% 2.000% 2.250% 2.375% 2.375%
500,000 to below 1,000,000 2.125% 2.125% 2.375% 2.500% 2.500%
1.0 Million to below 3.0 Million 2.250% 2.250% 2.500% 2.625% 2.625%
3.0 Million to below 5.0 Million 2.250% 2.250% 2.500% 2.625% 2.625%
5.0 Million to below 10.0 Million 2.375% 2.375% 2.625% 2.750% 2.750%
10.0 Million to below 20.0 Million 2.500% 2.500% 2.750% 2.750% 2.750%
20.0 Million and over 2.625% 2.625% 2.875% 2.875% 2.875%

The table above clearly shows that the highest interest you can get from BDO time deposit is 2.875% for a 20 million and above deposit. That would be a very big amount of money! The lowest rate is 1.50% for deposit below P10,000. For average people, it is better to put your money in TD rather than store it in savings account that gives a measly 0.25% interest per year. It is like your getting a zero interest from the money that you put in your savings account. Therefore, you should be wise and plan where to put your money.

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  2. Hi I would like to ask how much is the interest rate of 200 thousand pesos in 1 month? I see in your chart 2.000% is that equivalent to 20,000 in 1 month? Thanks.

  3. I am not good in mathematics…Please give me an example of computation, how the interest work, when we invest a money.. How much the interest for 200,000 peso /mo/year? Thank..

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