by Gil on May 10, 2017

When sending remittance money to the Philippines through Banco de Oro (BDO), you can do it by telegraphic transfer. It is done by going to a bank where you are located and then filling out a telegraphic transfer form.

There are several information that you should know before you can complete the telegraphic transfer.

First, your beneficiary must have a BDO bank account that is active. Meaning, your beneficiary can still use that account, even it’s passbook or ATM card.


These information should be written in the telegraphic form: your beneficiary’s name & address, beneficiary’s bank and branch and its address, his/her account name and account number, and the SWIFT code of the bank, this case BDO bank.

You are also required to write the amount of money that you want to send in figure and words.

For Banco de Oro Unibank Inc. (BDO), the SWIFT code is



SWIFT code is important because it is a unique identifier of the bank. Imagine, there are thousands of banks around the world. SWIFT code makes it easy to identify which bank you want to transfer money.

Lastly, you should carefully check all the details you write in the transfer form to avoid any errors sending to wrong account or people.

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