BPI ATM Withdrawal Charge

Do you want to know BPI withdrawal fee or charge? In my opinion, this information should be known by all people owning a BPI ATM account.

There are 2 cases you should know about withdrawal of money from BPI. First, if you are withdrawing money to any BPI ATMs, the withdrawal fee is free, there’s no charge. However, effective October 22, 2012, BPI will charge P15 for account withdrawing money in ATM of Bancnet, ExpressNet and Megalink.

Prior to October 22, 2012, BPI is charging any withdrawals outside BPI ATM P10 fee. The reason behind the increase in charge is the higher maintenance and operating cost of ATM. In addition, the cash from ATM are not eligible anymore as a reserve based on the changes made by BSP about reserve coverage.

You can find the table below to give you better information about the withdrawal charges of BPI ATM. The information is the latest as of this writing.




Service Fee
October 22, 2012 ATM Withdrawal fee using Bancnet,Expressnet and Megalink ATMs
ATM Withdrawal fee in BPI ATMs


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