BPI Branches in the US

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is one of the Philippine banks which has overseas offices. BPI has many offices located across the USA.

It is a great convenience to customers if they can go to a branch or office to do certain transactions. With a BPI office located in your area, you can easily send remittance to your loved ones back in the Philippines.

BPI branches in the USA are situated in different cities in the US. They have branches in New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Union City and many other cities.

You can see below the BPI offices in different cities in the US including their address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email and contact person in case you want to discuss specific details of what you need. I hope this will help you find the nearest BPI branch in your area.

1. Las Vegas – Seafood City

Address: 3890 South Maryland Pkwy Ste,

Seafood City Las Vegas

Tel.No.:  (702) 733-7813

Fax No.: (702) 733-7808

Email: bpilasvegassc@bpi.com.ph

Contact Person: AM Lilia de Castro

2. Sacramento – Seafood City

Address: 6051 Mack Road, Seafood City

Sacramento, California 95803

Tel.No.:  (916) 429-9077

Fax No.: (916) 429-9271

Email: bpisacramentosc@bpi.com.ph

Contact Person: AM Lourdes G. Umayam

3. Los Angeles

Address: 3550 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 128, G/F

Los Angeles, California 90010

Tel.No.:  (213) 380-9833 or 34

Fax No.: (213) 380-9835

Email: bpilosangeles@bpi.com.ph

Contact Person: AM Jose R. Urcia

4. San Francisco

Address: 2233 Gellert Blvd., Gellert Square, South

San Francisco, CA 94080

Tel.No.:  (650) 878-0292

Fax No.: (650) 878-0293

Toll Free No.: 1800-4042743

Email: bpisanfrancisco@bpi.com.ph

Contact Person: Gerry Kahayon – Managing Director

5. Milpitas – Landess

Address: 1535 Landess Ave.Unit 120,

Milpitas, CA 95035

Tel.No.:  (408) 941-2178

Fax No.: (408) 941-9289

Email: bpimilpitas@bpi.com.ph

Contact Person: Mgr Roselle Custodio

6. Union City Seafood City

Address: 31840 Alvarado Blvd.,

Seafood City,Union City, CA 94587

Tel.No.:  (510) 441 0103

Fax No.: (510) 441 0901

Email: bpiunioncitysc@bpi.com.ph


Contact Person: AM Myrena Doria Paule

BPI Branch in the US

7. New York

Address: Ste 202 Mezzanine Level, 875 3rd Ave. cor. 53rd St.

New York, NY 10022

Tel.No.: (212) 644-6700 / (212) 644-6706

Fax No.: (212) 752-5969

Toll Free No.: 1800-4321274

Email: bpinewyork@bpi.com.ph

Contact Person: AM Margaret Fortuno / AM Bernardita Daty

8. Vallejo Seafood City

Address: 3495 Sonoma Blvd., Seafood City,

Vallejo CA 94590

Tel.No.: (707) 554 3528

Fax No.: (707) 554 3451

Email: bpivallejosc@bpi.com.ph

Contact Person: AM Myrena Doria Paule

9. North Hills Seafood City

Address: 16130 Nordhoff St., Ste A Seafood City,

North Hills, CA 91343

Tel.No.: (818)672-8206/8016

Fax No.: (818)672-8211

Email: bpinorthhillssc@bpi.com.ph

Contact Person: Stella Papas

10. West Covina Seafood City

Address: 1525 Amar Road, Seafood City,

West Covina, CA 91792

Tel.No.: (626) 964-8711

Fax No.: (626) 964-8751

Toll Free No.: 1-800-919-4274

Email: bpiwestcovinasc@bpi.com.ph

Contact Person: AM Eduardo T. Cornelio

11. San Diego

Address: 2220 East Plaza Blvd.,Suite M Grove Plaza, National City

San Diego 91950

Tel.No.: (619) 470-9399 / 9499

Fax No.: (619) 470-9515

Email: bpisandiego@bpi.com.ph

Contact Person: Mgr Candido Relativo Jr.


The above list is the BPI branches in USA and it also serves as a remittance arm of BPI for those Pinoys who are sending money to the Philippines. BPI has other partner companies for remittance which I will tackle in the next post.


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3 thoughts on “BPI Branches in the US

  1. Can I use my peso or dollar BPI EXPRESS TELLER CARD (international) when I am in Los Angeles, California for two months? It has a cirrus symbol, express net sign and another sign with a red line symbol.

  2. Hi,

    I just want to enquire, I’m in Canada right now, I want to know in anyway that I can open an account in BDO, through online or by mail? please let me know how, thanks and more power ,

  3. I am a dual citizen ( US and Filipino) and is vacationing here in the Philippines. I was in the process of buying a condo unit here and the builder is requiring 48 post dated checks before they can proceed with our contract. I tried to open a checking account in BPI. I was told that I need to have savings account for 6 months first before I can open a checking account. It was so frustrating but I know you have protocol to follow. Can I open one in the US and use the US issued checks to pay my monthly dues here in the Phil

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