BPI Housing Loan Interest Rates

by Gil on September 1, 2011

Bank of the Philippines Island or BPI is one of the best bank in the Philippines who offers valuable products and services for its customers. One of these products is housing loan which a customer can apply to obtain money for the construction or purchase of house and lot.

BPI Housing Loan offers you a low interest rate, to give you a chance to fulfill your dream to have your own home. Besides, they give many options to their customers to choose what they need in .

The home that you are dreaming of is now affordable as BPI Housing Loan offers low interest rate. You can see below the interest rate of housing loan for each tenor.

Tenor Interest Rates
Yearly 8.75%
2-3 years 9.75%
4-5 years 10%
6-10 years 11%
11-15 years 11.25%
16-20 years 11.50%
Tenor Interest Rates
Yearly 9.75%
2-3 years 10.75%
4-5 years 11%
6-10 years 12%
11-15 years n/a
16-20 years n/a


A customer can apply for a housing or property equity loan. A housing loan can be used to buy or construct a house, condominium, apartment or any residential homes. On the other hand, a property equity loan can be used to purchase or construct a commercial property that can be used to carry out business operations.

If you want the most updated interest rate for the housing loan of BPI, you can go to this link to learn more about it.


Source: http://www.bpidirect.com/page/view/housing-loan-rates


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