How to Apply a BDO Debit Card

A debit card is much like the same as a credit card. It is also rectangular in shape with the name of the cardholder embedded on the card and the company who issued the card.

It is also one of the popular banking products that most of the customers are applying for, together with credit cards and deposit accounts. A debit card works almost the same as a credit card, the only difference is that when you use a debit card, you don’t incur debt. On the other hand, if you use a credit card, you are getting debt every time you use it for payment of your purchases.

Features of BDO ATM Debit Card

There are many benefits that you can get from owning a debit card. Just what I said before, it is similar in principle with credit card. You can use it for a hassle-free cashless payment and quickly access your cash in just one card.

The BDO ATM debit card can also be used to withdraw cash from any BDO bank, Expressnet, MegaLink and BancNet ATMs nationwide and through MasterCard/Cirrus and Visa/Plus ATMs worldwide (for MasterCard and VISA ATM Debit Card). In addition, you may also use it to pay without cash for purchases of goods and services at partner establishments locally and abroad for Visa and Master debit Card.

Another good feature of this debit card is that you can access your account online to view your balance, check the result of your money transfer and bills payment, buy prepaid loads at any BDO electronic channels and a lot more that you can imagine.

BDO ATM debit card

The maximum amount of money that you can withdraw per day is P50,000 or 5 times per day whichever comes first. Furthermore, the maximum amount you can withdraw per transaction is P25,000 and the minimum is P200.

For transactions using point of sale system, the PIN-based transaction per day is P100,000 while the signature-based transaction has a maximum amount of P25,000 for Visa and Master Card.

How to Apply for BDO Debit Card

The application for BDO ATM debit card can be done by visiting a branch nearest your area or by applying online through their website. You may go to to to start the online application for your debit card. Make sure to furnish all requirements before beginning your application.

A debit card can be a good replacement for credit card especially when you don’t want to use cash during shopping. You can easily apply for it because you don’t need to have a good credit score and lot of money.


18 thoughts on “How to Apply a BDO Debit Card

    • Hi Mar,

      I’m not sure because normally when you shop online, most websites look for credit card not debit card. I’m just guessing you can use it since it has MasterCard logo. Why not try to use it and inform me if you can use it?

    • Yes you can use it to order online, pay any outlet that says we accept credit and debit card and book your flight and a hotel.

  1. Hi,

    I don’t have a bank account yet. Can I still get a debit card? What is the minimum balance requirenent and how ofteb should I deposit?

  2. Hi Gil! I like the purpose of this blog but I think it cannot sustain all the information needed by curious first-time BDO client like me. I wanted to know more about how much is the initial payment, the processing fee.. etc (just to name one of the basic infos) and how I can link it to paypal since it has a mastercard logo.

    • Hi Coleen,

      You’re right, this blog needs more inputs and articles, no blogs are perfect. ANyway, I would suggest you apply for Unionbank EON card if you want to apply for PayPal.

  3. Hi, i applied atm debit card 3 months ago together with bdo peso savings account before i return back to saudi.. Since i took my atm card right before the day if my flight i haven’t had the chance to change it with mastercard or visa, which i feel dissappointed because they issued me the local card only. My problem is i cannot update my savings since monthly im sending money to my account and im not sure if it’s really received by the bank or go into my account. Thank you.

  4. My suggestion Is you better go to the nearest branch of bdo on ur place,and you find the right answer for all ur inquiries,, and additional info I know u are familiar in RCBC,,dr debit card there has a sign of visa,means if u deposit their no ,atter how much you can swipe it in any store you want as long it is available,,120 is dr debit visa card…just sharing,, but in bdo I don’t think so,,hope available.

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