How to Apply for First Merit Online Banking

Have you ever wonder how online banking works and what benefits it can give to you? As a bank customer, you should take advantage of this type of service your bank is offering to you.

If you have an account at FirstMerit Bank, you should know that they have Internet banking being offered to their clients. It is a great service that you should avail in order for you to make banking transactions via the Internet.

What is First Merit Bank?

FirstMerit is a bank company based in the US. It is a financial company with services located in Akron, Ohio, USA. The main subsidiary of FirstMerit is the FirstMerit Bank with more than 206 offices and 224 ATM in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Chicago.

The oldest branch of First Merit is located in Medina, Ohio and has been operating since 1845 which is quite old. It is a member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and a proud member of Equal Housing Lender.

Features and Benefits of First Merit Online Banking

These days, online or Internet banking is a must have for all bank account owners because of the numerous benefits that you can get. If you have your own online banking, doing transactions with your bank would be very easy and convenient.

I have listed in this article some perks and benefits you can receive from Internet banking of First Merit bank. You can see below the things that you can get.

1. You can view more specific details about your account number, account type, such as checking or savings, current balance and available balance.

Looking for the information about your bank account is now easy. You don’t need to go to your branch just to ask for these kind of information because you can easily see it through your Internet banking.

2. Look up your transaction history.

If you want to know where and when did you spend your money, when did you withdraw it or pay the bills, you would find it in the transaction history. Normally, you can see the last 3-month transaction you have made.

t Merti Internet Banking

3. Download account information which you can use in Quicken or Microsoft Money programs.

In order to manage your bank account more effectively, First Merit allows you to download your banking details in money management software like Quicken and Microsoft Money.

4. You can transfer funds to and from any of your First Merit checking, savings or money market accounts.

Transferring money using Internet banking is one of the greatest convenience it has to offer. As a customer, you don’t need to visit your branch in person just to transfer money among your accounts.

5. Schedule and cancel future dated and recurring transfers

If you have already have your web banking, you can schedule future money transfers for your other accounts or to other people’s account. This feature is very useful if you are always sending or transferring money from your account.

6. Quickly and conveniently place a six-month stop payment on any check that has not cleared

Making a stop payment can also be done through your online banking account. You don’t need to go to your branch just to stop a check payment.

7. Pay bills online

Paying bills online is one of the best benefits of Internet banking. However, you need to register first the company bill you want to pay prior to payment.

8. Ease of managing your profile and personal data

Updating and changing your personal data is very easy with the use of Internet account. You may easily change your email, address and other private info by logging into your account.

Application Procedure for First Merit Internet Banking

Before you can use online banking, you should have a savings or checking account at First Merit. Opening a new account can be done by visiting a branch or through web application.

If you have already have a FirstMerit bank account and you would like to enroll to its web banking, you may consider the following procedures.

1. Go to FirsMerit Online banking website. Click the image to enlarge so you can see what the site looks like.


First Merit Online Banking


2. After you click the “Enroll Now” button, a new window will open. Follow the procedures given and supply the necessary information needed like your full name, your address, account number, social security number, and other details of your bank account.

3. You should make a unique user name and password that it would be difficult for other people to guess but it will be very easy for you to remember. Don’t use easy-to-guess passwords like numbers, as much as possible it should be combinations of letters, characters and numbers.

4. Read the Internet banking services agreement and then submit the form so your application will be processed.

To Wrap Up

Internet banking is a must have for all bank account owners because it gives convenience and access to your bank account anytime of the day. You have more freedom on what you want to do with your account.

The application process for First Merit Internet banking is not hard to carry out. In this post, I have listed the procedures that you can follow and the benefits that you can get from it. I hope you will have a good time using this kind of banking service.


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