How to Pay Bills Online

by Gil on June 10, 2017

There are many benefits you can have from owning an online banking account. For example, you can transfer funds to other accounts and view your account balance anytime you want.

Another good benefit of online banking for its customers is the free online bill payment. It is one of the helpful features of online banking that every bank account holder should avail.

Why Pay Bills Online?

Before you can actually pay bills online, you should have first an Internet banking with your chosen bank. If you already have a bank account such as checking or savings account, you can register it to their Internet banking facility through online enrollment or by visiting your branch.

It would be better to enroll your account online so that you will not be forced to go to the bank especially if you have an Internet access in your home. If you can do this, you can save some money and time by not visiting the bank. We know that most of the time, there are many people going to the bank because of different business transactions happening in that place.

Steps on How to Pay Bills Online

Just what I said earlier, you can only pay bills online once you have your own net banking account. It is a great convenience since you can avoid lining up in the payment centers which can consume several hour of your time.

You can also make a scheduled payments for your recurring bills so you won’t forget to pay for it. Sometimes we became busy and we tend to fail to remember the due dates of our bills. But it is not the scenario anymore since you can set up your account to send payments for your bills at the specified date you placed. Assuming you already have an Internet banking, here are some steps on how to pay bills online.

1. First of all, you should log in to your online account using your account name and the password given to you.

2. If it is your first time to pay the bill, you must enroll it first to merchant billers. You will enter some information like your customer number, reference number and other verifications.

3. After finishing the registration for the biller, you are now ready to pay the bills. Just make sure you have enough money to pay for it because it will be rejected once you have insufficient balance.

4. In your succeeding payment for that bill you have enrolled, you don’t need to enroll again since it is already recorded as one of your merchant biller.

5. After paying your bills, ensure that you will log out particularly when you are using computer in Internet shops.

There are many benefits you can receive from having an online banking and it would be very advisable to enroll for one if you already don’t have. Paying bills online is one of the perks you can get from it.

It is not complicated and it’s a simple process that would give you a lot of comfort, spare you from the hassle of going to payment centers and you can have more time for other activities that you really enjoy.

Do you pay bills online or do you still pay in the bank or post office?

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