How to Send Money to BDO from the US

Are you looking for information on how to send money to BDO from the US? Basically, there are several ways on how to send money from the US to the Philippines such as through Western Union, Xoom, PayPal, or via bank wire transfer. In this post, I would like to discuss on how to send money to Banco de Oro from the US.

I assumed that you have already a BDO bank account which you will use as a receiving account in the Philippines. If you still don’t have a savings account at BDO, you can visit this article to learn more how to open a new account.

Perhaps, that account can be yours or an account of your spouse, children or close relatives. Anyhow, even though you don’t have BDO account, you may still send money to them using their door-to-door remittance service but with a higher fee.

How to Send Money to Banco de Oro

For this post, you can send money to BDO from the US by visiting a Banco de Oro remittance center near your area. You could see the list of these centers in the post that I have made before if you will click the link.

You should choose a remittance center near your area or your place of work. In this way, you can easily follow up and make resolutions when something wrong happen to your remittance.

Make sure that the receiving account is still valid and active to avoid any problems because there are many cases of sending money to a closed bank account. However, you don’t need to worry because you can still get your money back but you will be required to send to BDO some requirements to do so which will take time.

send money to BDO from US

If you are sending money to a BDO account, you may need to fill out a remittance form with the details of your bank account and the amount of money you want to send. In addition, the bank may need some valid ID to verify your identity and a general standard procedure of the bank when dealing with clients that send money outside the US.

I suggest that you also bring your US bank passbook, passport, or alien registration card just in case the bank wants to verify something about yourself. In most instances, the process of sending money doesn’t take long unless there are many people transacting with the bank.

Final Advice

Sending money through bank wire transfer is a secure way to remit money to the Philippines. The remittance fee that you pay ensures that your beneficiary will receive the money the fastest way possible.

If your relative or the recipient of remittance doesn’t have yet a BDO bank account, I would recommend that they will open an account immediately. BDO Kabayan savings account has low initial deposit and no maintaining balance, This kind of account is best suited for OFW and their families.

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