ING Direct Bank Review

by Gil on February 27, 2017

In this post, I’ll be reviewing ING Direct bank and the products and services it offers to its clients around the world. Do you know what is ING Direct?

ING is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam. Currently, its CEO is Ralph Hamers and earning a revenue of 42.64 billion EUR as of 2012.

ING DIRECT, a subsidiary of ING, is one of the famous online banks in the world and you can get its services when you bank online. In Canada, it was established in 1997 and now it has more than 1.7 million clients and more than 900 employees.

ING Direct offers a very low interest rate and service charges to their clients and customers. Therefore, it is becoming popular worldwide rapidly.

ING Internet banking is very easy to use and very recommended for the clients instead using direct banking. Some websites which do ING Direct reviews show that the service of this bank is more excellent than other banks in the US.

This bank is serving more than 48 million customers in worldwide and its popularity is still increasing as the time goes by. It is very easy to sign up to this account if you have Internet connection. You just need to find their website and fill the online form to register.

ING Direct Products and Services

ING Direct offers different types of accounts like saving account, current account, mortgage account, super annuation and current plus account. All of the information for these accounts can be seen in ING’s website if you are patient enough to browse and navigate their site.

It is also better to read some ING direct reviews if you want to know  other customers’ experiences and suggestions. You can google “ING Direct review” and you will find tons of reviews from real people and websites alike. It is not difficult to search information about ING if you have access to Internet since there are many reviews that you can find from there.

In addition, it is also recommended to read the updates of bank policies so that you can have more benefits and rewards from them. ING direct online bank also send the updates to customers via email.

If you are using online banking, you will see the ups and downs of interest rates of ING Direct. The interest rate of most of the banks is playing at the range of less than 1 percent per annum.

credit card protection

Hence, it is better to get information first about the interest rate before applying for a particular account or getting a bank loan. The interest rate is different for personal loan, mortgage and debts.

Several reviews show that ING Direct bank charges lower interest rate on mortgages than any other banks.

Applying an account in this bank is very easy and convenient since you can download the application form from their website easily. You may also apply an account directly from their site if you want to.

Final Remarks

You can enjoy a lot of benefits with ING Direct like low interest rate, no fee when opening an account and minimum balance fee. These are the important features of ING Direct that you can truly enjoy.

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