List of National Holidays in the Philippines for 2013

Do you know the list of national holidays in the Philippines for year 2013? Are you looking for a calendar indicating the regular and non-regular holidays so that you can prepare for your future vacation?

One month to go, the new year 2013 will come. We are thankful that God allows us to experience another year of our life.

It is a great joy and experience to spend the new year with our families, friends and loved ones. For most employees and students alike, they want to know the proclaimed holidays for next year so that they can schedule their vacation.

Actually, the Malacanan Palace is the responsible for the proclamation of national holidays in the country. It is approved and signed by the President of the Philippines and make it known to the public before the year ends. Normally, 3-6 months before the current year elapse, the proclaimed national holidays for next year is already released.

Why most people want to know proclaimed holidays? I would say many people these days are planning to spend vacation in some tourist destinations around the Philippines. Because of this, they need to schedule their vacation with their company and bosses ahead of time.

Calendar for 2013

In addition, because of the increasing popularity of low-fare, budget airlines, many people now are taking the advantage and opportunity to travel around the country or nearby countries of the Philippines like Singapore, South Korea, China, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. Most of these people do it during national holidays so that they can spend longer days of vacation.

So much for the reasons why many people want to learn the list of holidays in the Philippines for 2013. I’ll give you the list below so you can have idea when to go for a vacation.

National Holidays ( Regular and Special) in the Philippines for 2013

The list of holidays below is included in the Proclamation No. 459, s 2012 signed by President Benigno Aquino III and Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa, Jr at the Malacanan Palace on August 16, 2012. Here are the regular and special holidays in the Philippines to be observed in the whole country.


A. Regular Holidays
New Year’s Day
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
Araw ng Kagitingan
January 1 (Tuesday)
March 28
March 29
April 9 (Tuesday)
Labor Day
Independence Day
National Heroes Day
Bonifacio Day
Christmas Day
Rizal Day
May 1 (Wednesday)
June 12 (Wednesday)
August 26 (Last Monday of August)
November 30 (Saturday)
December 25 (Wednesday)
December 30 (Monday)
B. Special (Non-Working) Days
Black Saturday
Ninoy Aquino Day
All Saints Day
Additional special (non-working) days

Last Day of the Year
March 30
August 21 (Wednesday)
November 1 (Friday)
November 2 (Saturday)
December 24 (Tuesday)
December 31 (Tuesday)
C. Special Holiday (for all schools)
EDSA Revolution Anniversary February 25 (Monday)


Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha are the 2 national holidays for our fellow Muslim Filipinos being observed in the whole country. The exact date of these holidays is not yet known because it depends on the Islamic calendar (Hijira) or the lunar calendar. The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) is the one responsible for determining the date and shall inform the Office of the President on which day the holiday shall fall.

To Wrap Up

It is your right as an employee to take vacation after many days of working in your company. For students, it is a great time to rest and learn new things outside the school. The list of holidays in this article will give you first-hand information when the national holiday will fall.

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