33 thoughts on “List of Valid ID for Opening a Bank Savings Account in the Philippines

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  10. where do I find online forms to open a savings accxount for the BDO bank in Manilla

    Thanking you
    Raymond Tremain

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  16. If this is true, then why other banks do not honor all IDs that are specified in the list? I tried opening a bank accounts to BDO & BPI, and they do not honor Voter’s & Postal I.Ds. Can I contact BSP and complain?

  17. this is also my problem regarding bpi. i went to almost all nearby branches and thet dont honor my postal id. its quite frustrating that they cannot answer my logical question. i asked them why dont they accept a postal id when in fact it is a government issued id like the other id’s they’re asking for. i even told them that they can verify my postal id from quezon city hall where i acquired it and they just replied it is our bank discretion.

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  19. when im asking bdo about the requirements they told me they need also bank statement. but i dont have account yet. im applying for kabayan savings.they didnt accept nbi and police clearance.

    • They should accept it. Anyway, just apply for BPI easy saver. It is almost same as BDO kabayan savings account with no maintaining balance and P250 opening deposit.

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  27. may i ask can you help me, because the processing time for valid ids now a days in my province sucks and they are being processed for about 10-15 working days. so i just want to ask if my birth certificate will be valid for my check so that i can exchange it thru my bank carrier?

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