Philippine Inflation Rate for September 2012

One topic that I’m posting in this blog is about the Philippine inflation rate in the previous month. Although, it is not regular routine that I publish this kind of information because of busyness in my work.

Anyhow, I believe inflation should be understand by many people because it affects our daily lives. Inflation is the number one cause why prices of commodities and services are going up each passing day or month.

The Philippine government sometimes takes necessary measures in controlling the rise of inflation. However, inflation cannot be controlled for a long time. In short periods, the government may control it but it will certainly increase as the years go by.

September 2012 Philippine Inflation Rate

As a working individual, you can realize inflation through the continuous increase of transport fare and gas. Even the basic necessities like food and clothing are not exempted from the effects of inflation.

To give you information about the inflation last month, September 2012, you can see the data below. The source of this information came from the National Statistics Office (NSO) of the Philippines.


Year-on-Year Inflation Rates, All Items
September 2012 August 2012 Year-to-date
     Headline 3.6 3.8 3.2
     Core 3.8 4.3 3.8
     Headline 3.5 4.4r 3.0
    Headline 3.7 3.6 3.2


Based on the table above, you can see that the inflation in September was lower by 0.2% than August 2012 for the whole Philippines. In NCR, the decline in inflation is higher with 0.9%  and outside NCR by 0.1%.

Some factors causing the high inflation in August may be attributed to the typhoons that hit the country during that time. Some farmlands and fisheries were affected by the typhoons resulting to the increase in prices of food.


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