Philippines Current Inflation Rate

Inflation rate is the rate of change on the prices of commodities and services in a certain place like for example in one country. Normally, inflation rate depends on the place where are you living.

For example, if you are living in Manila, the inflation rate may be higher or lower than those in places in Mindanao like Davao City or Misamis Oriental. Inflation is continuously changing and always will be because of many factors involved.

Currently, the inflation rate over-all in the Philippines for the month of August 2011 is 4.7% according to the National Statistics Office (NSO). In National Capital Region or NCR, the inflation rate is lower at 3.3%. For those Areas Outside National Capital Region (AONCR), the inflation rate stands at 5.1%.


For the year-to-date inflation rate for 2011, the inflation rate is as follows:

Philippines – 4.8%

NCR – 4.0%

AONCR – 5.0%


If you notice, the inflation rate outside NCR is higher than in Metro Manila, meaning the price of commodities and services in those areas increase faster than in NCR. Inflation is always increasing and not decreasing, it is the reason your P100 today will be worth less after five years from now.

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