Pictures of Drilling Rigs at DSME Okpo Shipyard

As of this writing, I currently work as a piping design engineer at Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering or commonly known as DSME. It is a shipyard that builds drilling rigs, oil tankers, container ships, drill ships, bulk carriers, ferries, submarines, drilling platforms, FPSO, LNG tankers and a lot more.

DSME shipyard is located in Geoje, South Korea. It is in the south-most part of the Korean peninsula. In this city, Samsung Heavy Industries is also located making Geoje City the shipbuilding capital of Korea.

DSME ranks third largest shipyard in the world in terms of ship orders while Samsung Heavy Industries ranks second as the world’s largest ship building company. Hyundai Heavy Industries which is located in Ulsan (another city) is the world’s largest ship building company.

Here’s the picture of a semi-submersible Drilling rig at the Okpo DSME Shipyard. If you are going here, you will also different kinds of ships,, ferries, commercial ships and drilling rigs. Currently, I am involve in doing this kind of project (Odfjell Semi-submersible Drilling Rig).

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Drilling Rig at DSME

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Another photos in different location and angle.

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I hope you find the pictures interesting and beautiful. I’ll make more posts in the future about Geoje and the things that you can do here in this beautiful city.


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