by Gil on June 15, 2017

Philippine National Bank (PNB) is one of the oldest banks in the Philippines. If you are sending remittance to the Philippines via PNB, you should know its SWIFT code .

Without a SWIFT code , it is impossible to send money from one foreign bank to a local Philippine bank like PNB. Make sure you know PNB’s SWIFT code if you will send remittance money to your PNB account.

The SWIFT code of PNB is



If you are sending money to your loved ones in the Philippines, the best way to do that is to make telegraphic transfer from the local bank where you are working at the moment. When visiting this bank, you must fill out a wire transfer form where you will write the details of your remittance.

Normally, you should write the name of your beneficiary and her address, her Phillippine bank account details, bank’s SWIFT code and routing number, and the amount you will send.

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