Security Bank Savings Account Interest Rates

Security Bank Corporation was established as Security Bank and Trust Company or SBTC, way back June 18, 1951. SBC was first private and Filipino-controlled bank of the post World-War II era.

Security Bank Corporation or SBC is one of the strongest banks in the Philippines which offer worthwhile products and services like the following: prepaid and debit cards, credit cards, cash cards, gift cards, investments, trust products and services, checking accounts, savings accounts and many more.

To give you an idea how low did SBC offers interest rates to their customers, the below table shows the savings account interest rates not only in passbook savings but also in dollar savings, investment savings and others. It also previews the key features and the corresponding maintaining balance in each savings. As you can see, the required maintaining balance for passbook savings was only P10, 000 with an equal 0.5% per annum of interest rate.

Key Features Interest Rate Maintaining Balance
Peso Savings-CashLink ATM Card This is an interest-earning account  with the use of the CashLink ATM Card. You can deposit and withdraw anytime. 0.5% per annum P500.00
Peso Savings-Passbook An interest-earning account with the use of your passbook which deposits and withdrawals are made anytime over the counter.
0.5% per annum P10,000.00
Build-up Savings Allows account holders to deposit anytime and gives high interest rate yet offers the availability of your money during emergency needs. You can withdraw up to three times in three months. 1.75% per annum P5,000.00
Dollar Savings An interest-earning dollar accounts  with the use of passbook. Deposits and withdrawals can be made anytime over the counter.
0.25% per annum $500.00
Investment Savings This is a fixed term investment account with issued certificate. Redeeming of deposit is made on maturity date upon surrender of certificate. Market Rate P50,000.00
(Metro Manila)
eSecure Savings Account This is an online savings account that can only be opened and accessed through Security Bank Online. Interest rates are tiered and higher than a regular savings account. Market Rate starting at P5,000 P500

The table above will help you a lot to easily compare the savings account interest rates and to find out which offer the highest.

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