BDO Housing Loan Interest Rates

The Philippines has abundant large banks and it has various types such as thrift banks, commercial banks, rural banks, credit unions, non-banks and universal banks where Banco De Oro Universal Bank or commonly known as BDO is classified.

Background of BDO

Banco de Oro was started as a thrift bank called Acme Savings Bank in 1968 and that time it was one of the smallest banks in the Philippines. In 1976, it was renamed Banco de Oro Savings and Mortgage Bank by Henry Sy and in 1994 it became a commercial bank. Today, it is one of the largest, strongest and very well-known banks in the Philippines.

BDO offers products and services such as checking accounts where you need only P15,ooo to P25,000 with 0.5% interest rate, passbook savings account for a minimum balance of P5,000 with 0.5% interest rate, remittances, UITF, ATMs, Internet banking, electronic banking, loans and many more.

Interest Rate for BDO Housing Loan

All stages for owning a home that you need including financing charges such as transfer cost, tittle registrations fees, insurances and incidental expenses were bring together by BDO Housing Loan. If you are one of those Filipinos who were renting and still dreaming for a home that you may call it your own, maybe it is for you to grab the chance as BDO Housing Loan offers as low as 7.88% fixed interest rate for one year.

Below, you will see some rates that BDO offers. The highest rate was 11.5% fixed for 16-25years.

• 7.88% fixed for 1 year
• 9.75% fixed for 2-3 years
• 10.00% fixed for 4-5 years
• 11.00% fixed for 6-10 years
• 11.25% fixed for 11-15 years
• 11.5% fixed for 16-25 years

Please take note that the interest rates above may change anytime. Just visit their website for the latest update.

You may apply BDO housing loan through online banking, it is worry-free, more easier and faster, it only requires a few time and free-hassle. In addition, you may also apply by calling 631-8000 or 1-800-10-6318000 (domestic toll-free) or visit the nearest BDO branch or BDO On-site in your area.