China Bank Savings Account Interest Rates

Philippines has numerous banks,  it has various types of banks such as universal banks, rural banks and international banks, and all were license with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas under the General Banking Act of 2000. Most of these banks offer the same products and services such as deposit, ATM and debit cards, credit cards, loans, remittances, online banking, phone banking, branch banking and lot more. One of these banks is China Bank.

China Banking Corporation or commonly known as China Bank, was established in 1920, it is the 4th largest universal bank in the Philippines. In history of Philippine banking, China Bank was the 1st private-owned commercial bank and also the 1st bank which offers the phone banking in 1988.It provides 248 branches and 388 ATMs nationwide, including the China Bank Savings.

China Bank Savings is different to its traditional bank because it offers the products and services that the main bank will not, like the kiddy savings account or installment loan. Otherwise, it will enhance the products it offers, like the special savings account.

The savings account is one of the valuable product that it offers. The table bellow will give you information about the interest rate that the main bank, China Bank, offers to their clients. Usually the initial deposit, minimum monthly average daily balance (ABD) and minimum balance to earn interest will require an amount for only P1, 000 and its equivalent rate is only 0.50% per year.

The information below is just for passbook savings account, if you want to know the interest rate for other types of account just visit Chinabank’s website.


Initial Deposit Requirement P 1,000
Minimum Monthly Average Daily Balance (ADB)* P 1,000
Minimum Balance to Earn Interest P 1,000
Interest 0.50% per annum**
(subject to 20% withholding tax)
  • Passbook
Access Points
  • Branch
  • China Bank Online
  • Make deposits in any China Bank branch***
  • PDIC coverage: Maximum deposit insurance for each depositor P500,000
* Monthly Average Daily Balance (ADB) refers to the sum of the daily end-to-end balances of the account for a month divided by the number of days in a month.** Effective February 1, 2011*** Subject to interbranch charge for inter-region cash deposits


From the table above, you can compare the rates that different banks offer and you can easily figure out which one gives the highest interest rate.
You can open an account to this bank through direct applying in branches and by applying through online banking but please be reminded that the information in table above may change anytime. To be updated you can visit their website.