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It’s bee a long time on my last post about the inflation rate in the Philippines. I have been busy in our school supply business and sometimes we don’t have internet connection. At this moment, we’re only using a broadband stick so we need to reload every time it got empty.   Anyway, this post […]


Each month I am dedicating a post about the inflation and inflation rate for the previous month. In this way, I could track the change in prices of commodities and services in the country and other areas in the Philippines. As a reference for the last year’s inflation, you can see the graph below detailing […]

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Philippines Current Inflation Rate

by Gil on September 11, 2011

Inflation rate is the rate of change on the prices of commodities and services in a certain place like for example in one country. Normally, inflation rate depends on the place where are you living. For example, if you are living in Manila, the inflation rate may be higher or lower than those in places […]