Metrobank Branches in Cavite

Many places in the Philippines have at least one branch  of Metrobank or even other banks. For me it is a sign that many Filipinos  today are giving importance the value of savings. Many Filipinos choose to put their money in a reliable bank like Metrobank. Who wants to put their money in a bank and lose it? No one, right?


Metrobank is known as one of the most reliable bank in the country. If you want to  open a savings account in Metrobank,  you must know  the nearest Metrobank branch near your place. This post will assist you to find out where to see this branch if you are living in Cavite province.


In addition, if you want to learn what are the requirements needed for opening a bank account, you can see this post so that you will know what ID you need. The table below shows you the branches in Cavite, click the link added in the location so you can see the map.





province Location
Contact Numbers
 Cavite  AGUINALDO – IMUS  Aguinaldo Highway, Barangay Tanzang Luma, Imus  Fax No. (046) 471-5319
 BACAO – CEPZ  Bacao Diversion Road, General Trias  046) 437-6409 Fax No. (046) 884-1135
 BACOOR – CAVITE  206 Gen. Aguinaldo Highway, Brgy. Panapaan,  Bacoor  (046) 417-0659 Fax No. (046) 502-4698
 CARIDAD – CAVITE  P. Burgos Ave., Caridad District   (046) 431-2318 Fax No. (046) 431-3179
 CARMONA – BINAN HIGHWAY  National Highway, Brgy. Maduya,  Carmona  046)506-3157; Fax No.: (046)889-4286
 CARMONA – CAVITE  Grandville Industrial Complex, Bangkal,  Carmona  (02) 889-9184 Fax No. (046) 430-1932
 CAVITE ECONOMIC ZONE   Lot A, Cavite Economic Zone, Rosario  (046) 437-0678 Fax No. (046) 437-0547
 DASMARIÑAS – SALAWAG  Molino, Paliparan Road, Barangay Salawag,  Dasmariñas
 DASMARIÑAS-CAVITE   Aguinaldo Highway,  Dasmariñas  (046) 416-1829 Fax No. 416-1827
 GENERAL TRIAS – CAVITE  Governor’s Drive, Manggahan,  General Trias  (02)711-0239
 IMUS – CAVITE  Along Nueno Ave., Tansang Luma,  Imus  (046) 471-0076 Fax No. (046) 471-4084
 KAWIT – CAVITE  National Road cor. Visita, Binakayan,  Kawit  (046) 434-3814 Fax No. (046) 434-5242
 MACARIA BUSINESS CENTER – CARMONA  Blk 2 Lot 4, Macaria Business Center, Governors Drive,  Carmona  (02) 886-6626 Fax No. (046) 430-2752
 MOLINO – BACOOR  Molino II, Molino Road,  Bacoor   (046) 477-1851 Telefax No. (046) 529-8890
 NAIC – CAVITE  Governor’s Drive, Brgy. Ibayo Silangan  Naic  Fax: (046) 412-1153
 ROSARIO – CAVITE  Along Gen. Trias Drive,  Rosario  (046) 438-3630 Fax No. (046) 438-1109
 SILANG – CAVITE  139 J. Rizal St. Brgy. I, Silang  (046) 414-2043 Fax No. (046) 414-0405
 TAGAYTAY  Foggy Heights Subdiv., San Jose, Tagaytay City  (046) 860-1260 Fax No. (046) 413-1404
 TANZA CAVITE  Along A. Soriano Highway, Daang Amaya, Tanza   (046) 437-6978 Fax No. (046) 437-8519
 TRECE MARTIRES – CAVITE  Governor’s Drive, Brgy. San Agustin, Trece Martires   (046) 419-2217 Fax No. (046) 419-2213
 ZAPOTE – BACOOR  178 Aguinaldo Highway Zapote  Bacoor


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Metrobank Branches in Muntinlupa City

Metrobank is known as the stable bank in the Philippines. Metrobank established different branch around the country to reach more Filipinos. If you want to open a savings account  or want to have banking transaction visit Metrobank branch near you.

In Muntinlupa city Metrobank has branches that you can visit to know more about their services. In this post you can see the branches of Metrobank in the city of Muntinlupa, below are tables which you can find the location, exact address contact numbers of each branch, you can also see the map by  clicking the link in the location. metrobank

City Location
Telephone Numbers
 Muntinlupa City  ACACIA-AYALA ALABANG  G/F Alabang Business Tower, Acacia Ave., Madrigal Business Park Alabang,
 Muntinlupa City
  809-2662; 807-8419; 809-1349; 807-8420 Fax No. 850-8190
 ALABANG  Valdez Bldg., Montellano St., Alabang,
Muntinlupa City
 807-2545; 807-2544                         Telefax : 842-3745
 AYALA-ALABANG   Sycamore Prime Building, Alabang-Zapote Road corner Buencamino St., Muntinlupa City  807-0408; 807-0409; 850-8842              Fax No. 850-8887
 FILINVEST CORPORATE CITY  Asean Drive cor. Singapura Lane, Filinvest Corp. City, Alabang,  Muntinlupa City   850-8083; 850-3533; 850-8084            Fax No. 850-8085
 MADRIGAL BUSINESS PARK – ALABANG  El Molito Bldg. Madrigal Business Park, Alabang,
Muntinlupa City
  772-3046; 772-3044                                Fax No. 772-3043
 MUNTINLUPA  Poblacion National Highway,
 Muntinlupa City
 862-0067; 862-0069                              Fax No. 862-0068
 MUNTINLUPA – LAKEFRONT   Space No. B 04 Presidio Walk, Lakefront, Sucat
Muntinlupa City
 519-5311; 546-6536; 546-0871;  Telefax No: 804-228
 WEST SERVICE ROAD – ALABANG HILLS  West Service Road cor. Don Jesus Blvd., Alabang Hills Village, Muntinlupa City   772-2536; 772-2537                           Fax No. 772-2534

Metrobank Branches in Parañaque City

Are you looking for Metrobank branches in Paranaque city? This article will give you information about the branches that you see in that city.


Metrobank is one of the leading bank in the Philippines, they  offer different banking and financial services. I n many provinces and cities around the Philippines you can look for the branches of Metrobank.


Metrobank MARIKINA


In Parañaque city, one of the cities in Metro Manila, Metrobank  established a lot of  branches. If you are looking where to find these branches of Metrobank, below are  list of location, address,  contact numbers, and map of each branch, just click the link to see the map.


City Location
Contact Numbers
 Parañaque  B.F. HOMES  22 Aguirre Ave., B.F. Homes,  Parañaque City  842-5307; 842-4706; 842-4766; 807-8087            Fax No. 842-4744
 BACLARAN  Quirino Ave. cor. M. Roxas St., Baclaran  Parañaque City  832-0487; 832-0471; 832-5895 Fax No. 831-9554
 BAYVIEW  Bayview International, Roxas Blvd., Parañaque City   855-7024; 855-7025; 855-7026;                    Fax No.: 855-7023
 DOÑA SOLEDAD AVENUE – BICUTAN  665 Doña Soledad Ave., Better Living Subdiv., Bicutan,  Parañaque City  824-0757; 823-9201; 823-7834 Fax: 824-2113
 EAST SERVICE ROAD – BICUTAN  East Service Road, South Super Highway, Bicutan,  Parañaque City   837-1317; 837-1315; 837-1784                    Fax No. 837-1314
 EL GRANDE – BF HOMES  Aguirre St. cor. Tehran El Grande Phase 3, BF Homes,  Parañaque City   825-1081; 825-1127 Fax No. 820-8859
 N A I A  Columbia Airfreight Complex, Ninoy Aquino Ave.,  Parañaque City  854-5225; 854-5227; 853-5951; 853-5950; 853-5952 Fax No. 551-4280
 SUCAT – GATCHALIAN  8165 Dr. A. Santos Ave., Parañaque City  825-9232; 826-0223; 825-0382                     Fax No. 825-9760
 SUCAT – IRENEVILLE  Dr. A. Santos Ave. cor. Ireneville Ave. Sucat,  Parañaque City  820-2231; 825-0341; 820-5124; 826-9676    Fax: 825-0301; 829-2556
 SUCAT – SAN ANTONIO VALLEY  Along Dr. A. Santos Ave. beside Uniwide  Parañaque City  820-3103; 820-4495 Fax No. 820-2429


I hope this simple article will help you in finding the nearest Metrobank in Paranaque City. Thank you for visiting this site, any comments or suggestions are highly appreciated.

Metrobank Branches in Marikina City

Metrobank offers many kinds of loans like time loan if you want to pay at specific  period of time, business discounted loan if you require only short-term financing, amortized loan if you want to pay in equal monthly installment, straight loan in this loan you can have an option to get the loan proceeds either lump sum or staggered over specific period, syndicated loan if you have requirements beyond single bank can offer.

These are the types of loans serviceable in Metrobank , if you are interested in this matter visit the near Metrobank branch near you. For those who live in Marikina city below is the table of Metrobank branches in Marikina city.metrobank

City Location
Telephone Numbers
 Marikina City  BARANGKA – RIVERBANKS   119 A. Bonifacio Avenue, Brgy. Tañong, Marikina City   997-6634; 997-5957; 997-6182; 369-7858; 386-3842; 489-2105
 CALUMPANG – MARIKINA  J. P. Rizal St., Calumpang,  Marikina City   681-7186; 681-6612
 CONCEPCION – MARIKINA  15 Bayan-bayanan Ave., Concepcion,  Marikina City   941-8168; 942-2823 to 24; 942-2825
 MARIKINA CENTER  321 J. P. Rizal St., Sta. Elena,  Marikina City   681-2934; 646-1922; 681-2932; 646-1931
 MARIKINA-NANGKA  J.P. Rizal St., Brgy., Nangka. Marikina City  631-4503, 470-3221, 470-5955
 PARANG – MARIKINA  113 Gen. Molina St., Parang,  Marikina City  948-2772; 941-4898
 SAN ROQUE – MARIKINA   67 Tuazon corner Chestnut St., San Roque, Marikina City   645-7123; 646-9131; 645-7157; 646-9074
 STO. NIÑO – MARIKINA  Sumulong Highway cor. Toyota Ave., Brgy. Sto. Niño,  647-8851; 998-8170; 647-8852

This simple article will assist you to locate the nearest branch of Metrobank in Marikina city. Any comments or suggestions  are highly appreciated.

Metrobank Branches in Mandaluyong City

Are you living in Mandaluyog City or do you have business there? If you want to have transaction in Metrobank and you don’t know the exact address of the Metrobank you are looking for, this article is right for you.


Metrobank was established on January 8, 1979, almost 35 years of serving the Fillipino  people. This past years, Metrobank honored by different award-winning body as the best bank in the Philippines

In order to reach more Filipinos, Metrobank  established more branches in different provinces and cities in the Philippines. It is considered as one of the most popular banks in the country today.


In Mandaluyong City, alsoknown as the Tiger City in the Philippines, you can find many business establishments. At the same time, you can also find here many branches of Metrobank.


Below are the table of Metrobank branches located in Mandaluyong City, included  their location, map, exact address, and telephone numbers of each branch. Click link to open the map.

Metrobank Peso Time Deposit



City Location
Telephone Numbers
 Mandaluyong  ADB   6 ADB Avenue 1501  Mandaluyong City   632-4200; 632-4145; 632-4146
 BONI AVENUE  743 Boni Ave., Brgy. Malamig,
 Mandaluyong City
 533-0824; 532-4876; 533-2779; 533-6555 to 56; 533-0864
 EDSA – CORINTHIAN   217-223 CLMC Building, Edsa,
 Mandaluyong City
  724-2126; 721-8813; 480-3152; 721-1645; 722-4894
 EDSA POEA  GF Lobby, POEA Building, Ortigas Avenue corner Edsa Mandaluyong City  724-3468; 724-3093
 EDSA-SHAW  Beside Shangrila Plaza, Shaw Blvd.,
 Mandaluyong City
 634-3216; 634-5381; 381-0354; 632-7597; 634-5380; 381-1256
 KALENTONG – MANDALUYONG  188 Gen. Kalentong, Daang Bakal,
Mandaluyong City
 531-1403; 531-9712; 394-7267; 531-7026
 LIBERTAD – MANDALUYONG  G/F PGMC Bldg., Libertad cor. Calbayog St. Hi-way Hills,  Mandaluyong City   533-2977; 531-5443; 533-2974; 533-6840
 MANDALUYONG – PIONEER  SunShine 100 City Plaza Pioneer, Pioneer St.,
 Mandaluyong City
 633-7863, 633-7864, 633-7865
 MAYSILO CIRCLE – MANDALUYONG   344 Maysilo St. Jejomar Bldg.,
 Mandaluyong City
 32-8730; 533-5884
 SHAW – PINAGTIPUNAN   Shaw Blvd. cor. Pinagtipunan,
 Mandaluyong City
 5533-7974; 533-8292; 533-8393; 531-1709
 WACK-WACK  S & R Bldg. 514 Shaw Blvd.,
 Mandaluyong City
 533-0775; 534-8794


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