Inflation Rate in the Philippines for October 2011

Last time, I made a post about the inflation rate in the Philippines last August 2011. You can see it here: Philippines Current Inflation Rate. I wanted to make a monthly update about this topic, however, I have no time to make a post last month about it. So this time I’m gonna make an article about October 2011 inflation rate.

According to the information I got from some news websites and the National Statistics Office (NSO), the inflation rate in October 2011 is 5.2%. It is higher by 0.4% from September’s inflation rate at 4.8%. One cause of the rise in inflation is the typhoons that hit the country last October that cause damages to farmlands and aquatic resources bringing the food prices high.

In addition, the year-to-date inflation for the entire country is at 4.8%, in NCR is at 4.1% and outside NCR areas is at 5.0%.

I’ll keep you updated on the current inflation rate in the Philippines through posting articles on this blog each month. Hopefully you can get helpful information from this blog post.


Photo Credit: renjith krishnan