Security Bank Home Loan Interest Rates

Security Bank Corporation (SBC) is one of the largest and toughest banks in the Philippines. SBC was the first Filipino-controlled and first privately-owned bank of post World War II. It is categorized as commercial bank in the Philippines.

Overview of Security Bank Philippines

Like any other big banks, it is also known for its valuable products and services were categorized in three types: banking, (where savings and checking accounts, credit cards, prepaid and debit card, time deposit were belong) trust investments and products and loans such as personal loan, salary loan, car loan and home loan.

In these days, many of Filipinos are just renting an house for a shelter but almost all of them were still dreaming  for owning a home and  looking for various affordable ways in order to fulfill that . Maybe you are one who dreaming of buying and owning a house and lot but you think you cannot afford it, Security Bank will help you to reach that as its offers home loan that propose a rates where you can afford.

Home loan is one best product that a bank offers to its clients. Security Bank Home Loan proposes an options where you can choose what is fit to your need, if you looking for house and lot or even condominium, they will help you to get it. You can also choose for term of your payment, if you have enough amount for large prices you can afford the shortest term.

Security Bank Home Loan Interest Rate

Below you can see the interest rate for home loan at Security Bank. As you can see in table , the shorter the term of payment, the smaller the interest rate, the lowest rate is 8.75% and the highest is 10.00%.


1 8.75%
2 9.50%
3 9.50%
4 10.00%
5 10.00%

The table below shows the monthly amortization per loan  and the tenor in years. This is an example of how much monthly amortization you will pay for each amount of loan that you will apply.

(in years)
Monthly Amortization Per Loan Amount
1,000,000 2,000,000 5,000,000
20 12,254.05 24,508.11 61,270.27
15 12,652.42 25,304.84 63,262.11
10 14,491.99 28,983.97 72,459.93
5 21,493.90 42,987.80 107,469.50
3 32,502.44 65,004.89 162,512.22
2 46,144.93 92,289.85 230,724.63
1 87,335.59 174,671.17 436,677.94


If you are planning to apply for a home loan in Security Bank, we advise that before visiting their bank branch, know first the requirements and procedures you need in order to avoid hassles and for easy application. It is also advisable to apply through online banking, it is more easier, faster and it only requires a shorter time.

The tables above will help you in little  ways but will give you big idea about the Security Bank Corporation Home Loan. Maybe your unanswerable questions are now answered. But please be reminded that the information contain of the tables may change anytime. For latest update just visit their website.