Who is Jeremy Lin

Last week, my friend told me about a special guy who is making a noise in the world of basketball. Actually this basketball player is not extraordinary or with super athletic abilities like superstar Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

I’m talking about Jeremy Lin of New York Knicks who started his career in National Basketball Association (NBA) as professional player last month with a very surprising game statistics. His position is point guard. He is 6’3″ tall and weighs 91 kilograms. Before entering NBA, he played college basketball at Harvard University. Maybe you’re thinking he’s a Harvard graduate. Yes, you’re right! He graduated with a degree in economics. This verifies that he’s also a smart guy.

Nobody knew about this guy and if you watch him play, nothing amazing or extraordinary moves he is making. Actually, he was undrafted in NBA before. However, as each player has its unique style, Lin has also he’s own. When I watched his Youtube videos, I could say he plays basketball that way it should be.

We all know that basketball is a team game. There are five players playing for each team, not only one or two. Unlike superstar players who play by themselves and maybe another one, Jeremy Lin plays basketball with all the other players in his team. Though he’s a rookie, when you watch him, you will say to yourself that this man is like a veteran and will rise a superstar in the world of professional basketball.

Another good thing about Jeremy Lin is he gives credit to his parents and God to all the achievements he has done so far. He’s not like those who boast and lifts themselves for every achievement they accomplished. If you want to watch his videos playing basketball, you could find it below. In addition, you can read his biography by clicking this link. Happy watching!

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